Sage & Salt Smokeless Smudge Room Spray 30ml

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Set your home’s energy alight without the flame.

Smash bad vibes and cleanse toxic energy from any space – no smoke necessary. Smokeless Smudge is a non-conventional and untraditional method to change the energy of a space anytime, anywhere.

Filled with intention and created with ritual, our Smokeless Smudge spray is a powerfully charged blend of ethically sourced desert sage, woods, resins and other magical ingredients that instantly cleanses your home, hotel room, or any space that has you feeling a little funky.

The desert sage used in this product is grown and harvested by us on family land.

Focus on the intention of removing negative energies and spritz your space (don’t forget the corners) with our Smokeless Smudge. Incorporate prayers, mantras or just your favorite music to boost the ritual. Bonus points if you can open a few windows and doors to usher out those shady energies.

Clary Sage, Incense, Burned Resins, and Pine Sap


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