Sage & Salt

Founder, Corbin, was working in the high-stress world of New York City glossy magazines, and quickly realized an acute need for everyday products that would ward off the negative energies encountered in daily life.  Corbin created the now signature Smokeless Smudge spray in 2014. That single product would prompt Corbin to spread the magic, turning passion into a small business. 


Today, Sage & Salt is dedicated to offering an array of energetically charged products that are created with intention and cultivated with purpose. 


The Smokeless Smudge is still a mainstay in the room mist collection, which also offers sprays for everything from enhancing abundance to intuition. Looking to purify your space or entice love? Add one of our Manifestation Candles to your altar. And yes, there are even flames on offer that will spark revenge or keep Mercury Retrograde at bay. Our crystal shop offers stones that meet a range of needs: from crystal balls and points to palm stones small enough to take with you throughout your daily routine. And our jewelry collection, which boasts everything from Evil Eye bracelets to precious gems, will help you incorporate a dose of good energy into your wardrobe.