Sage & Salt Intuition Room Spray 30ml

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Looking to open your third eye and establish a stronger instinct? Have your hunches fallen flat lately? Get your psychic on with our Intuition Spray. This magical potion is a potent blend of moon-charged ingredients that will up your clairvoyant energies. Say goodbye to doubt, and hello to intuition.

Blend of earthy tones and a light mingle of lavender and citrus scents, along with some major witchy mojo.

A favorite for pre-meditations and yoga, the Intuition Spray helps clear the noise and assists with grounding. Spritz around yourself, altar, or just whatever space you deem sacred before any kind of personal ritual to help inspire your intuition. Also great to spritz prior to a situation that requires your hunch to be on point.

Lavender, Citrus, and Light Musk.


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