Shikohin Yomogi Bath Essence

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Transform your bath into a luxurious forest bathing experience. This unique formula turns into a milky emulsion and blooms upon contact with water, enveloping your senses in a calming and a blend of Camellia oil, Rice Bran oil, and Yomogi leaves. Enjoy the uplifting aroma of our earthy essential oils while your skin is gently nourished and softened. Enhance your bath ritual by pairing it with our Onsen Bath Tablets for a truly immersive experience.

Key Benefits:

  • Yomogi Leaf Extract:¬†Beloved Japanese herb with skin renewal properties, aids bruise healing, and provides a refreshing aroma. Soothes muscles, nourishes skin, and warms the body.
  • Camellia Oil: Prized for centuries in Japan, camellia oil is a fast-absorbing, antioxidant-rich moisturizer. Cold-pressed from Camellia japonica seeds, it hydrates and softens the skin, diminishing scars and stretch marks.
  • Rice Bran Oil: Gentle, non-comedogenic moisturizer rich in vitamins E, B1, B3, and antioxidants. Improves texture, reduces wrinkles, and keeps skin supple providing a protective barrier.

Size:100ml/3.3oz (we recommend 10 - 15 ml per bath)

Scent: Scents of hiba, hinoki, and Japanese citrus to transport you to an authentic forest bathing experience

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