Hear Me Raw Hydrator Refill

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Save money and the environment with THE HYDRATOR Refill Pod.

What It Is: THE HYDRATOR uses the cacti succulent tissue and root system of Prickly Pear + 23 other amazing natural ingredients to give you naturally healthy, radiant, hydrated skin - instantly.

3 Products in 1: Use as a Day CreamNight Cream and as an Overnight Mask (see Directions)

How It Works: Prickly Pear is cactus flower that uses that cacti succulent tissue and root system to retain hydration. It's combined with the super fruit Maqui Berry which is high in anti-oxidants and is anti-inflammatory, Mexican Poppy Stem Cells which is rich in polysaccharides and iodine that helps in moisturization, regeneration, cutaneous protection, and sebum regulation, Coconut Water which hydrates, detoxifies, and protects against glycation and free radicals, Cucumber which refreshes, hydrates and is water-binding, Watermelon Oil which hydrates and helps maintain skin elasticity, and more.

Size: 2.5 FL OZ / 75ML

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