Founder Erin Kleinberg brings her deep roots in the luxury and beauty spaces, through projects including Coveteur and Métier Creative, to SIDIA’s formulations, having collaborated with the most highly-respected luxury brands in the game.

In honor of the legacy of her grandmother, SIDIA sets out to build upon and redefine what luxury actually means for today. SIDIA represents a feeling; a mood—irreverent while rooted in tradition, nostalgic yet future-focused, celebrating a dream-like state; yet grounded in the realities of our times. We’re multi-generational in our approach, connected by the very superstitious red thread Sidia shared with the generations that came after her.

SIDIA handcrafts luxuriously decadent body care and intoxicating scents intended to invoke a feeling of ease and liberation. Our evocative scent worlds are dreamed up to create an aromatic, full-bodied, sensory experience brought to your very own bathroom oasis.