Mosaic Birds

Mosaic is For the Birds, Naturally

Fresh and inventive as a wood thrush’s song, Mosaic’s bird feeders and birdbaths merge elegant designs and bright colors with ecological sustainability and durability — all with a keen eye for bird safety.

What Makes Mosaic Bird Feeders & Baths Different

Safety, sustainability, and artful aesthetic are at the core of our mission. Some highlights include:

Daily feeders. Most of our feeders are smaller in size, keeping food fresh and minimizing the potential of diseases.
Our products are made from glass and rust-resistant powder-coated metal.
Our products contain minimal plastic and no harmful BPAs.
All items are made from recycled glass and produced with eco-friendly processes.
We design our feeders to match the natural poetry of your backyard. Our European designers help make our products stand out creatively, while also blending in with their native surroundings.
The Mosaic Birds Collection mimics nature’s artistry of colors. Place some in your garden, and you might even end up with an entertaining mosaic of birds nesting nearby.