Haute Shore

Welcome to Haute Shore. The concept was developed with a specific goal in mind- to bring beautiful accessories to the market curated for both the fashion and budget conscious!

Growing up Beth was introduced to the world of fashion by my mother. She believed that a simple outfit complimented by standout accessories like a bag, hat, scarf etc made for the chicest ensemble. As she cultivated her own sense of style she found that she too loved completing a simple jeans and white tee outfit with a standout handbag or during winter a playful scarf or hat. As Beth grew her accessories collection she also severely shrank her bank account and so she set out to bring a carefully developed line of on trend accessories to the market place at an affordable price point. In a world where a woman's confidence is constantly being challenged, stepping out and feeling good about one's look is always important- Beth feels excited every day to take part helping women achieve that confident feeling!