is ‘nursery’ in Italian with two meanings; it’s a place where young plants grow and it’s a place where little kids learn as they grow.

How VIVAIODAYS started?
As brand-new parents, Elena & Marios sought to find the best products for their babies, which shortly became a meaningful mission for all babies. Of course, finding super cool products that are also safe, better for the planet AND that give back, all under one roof, made this mission impossible (pun intended!) So they created VIVAIODAYS.

Each product in this curated collection is inspired by a proven, centuries-old remedy uniquely discovered during their time with locals among many cultures and countries.

Organic is about safety and purity. Every VIVAIODAYS product is certified COSMOS ORGANIC, the equivalent of USDA certification in Europe.  COSMOS ORGANIC certified products are produced to the highest standards possible for organic and natural cosmetics, guaranteeing purity, quality and safety. With transparency in mind, the labels are designed to make it easy to decipher each and every ingredients, and if they meet your unique needs and expectations.  The COSMOS ORGANIC standard is created by the 5 major European members: Soil Association (UK), Cosmebios and Ecocert (France), BDIH (Germany) and ICEA (Italy).

Each of VIVAIODAYS products feature a signature illustration of an adorable baby animal inspired by the origin of each secret remedy. These wise little guys prefer to be pictured on 100% recyclable sugarcane tubes and bottles.