Moxxie Essential Care

We FORMULATE skin-loving, luxurious, botanical soaps, cremes, scrubs and balms - non-drying, non-toxic, honestly scented, wonderfully textured and moisturizing.

We HANDCRAFT in small batches to assure freshness using minimally processed and responsibly harvested plant ingredients.
- Highly absorbent, vitamin rich plant oils and butters with moisturizing and conditioning properties;
- Undiluted essential oil blends – pure plant extracts - create nuanced, complex aromas that calm the mind, stir the imagination, and encourage a positive feeling of well-being;
- No sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colors, stabilizers, or synthetic fragrances.

We SOURCE from suppliers who commit to fair trade, responsible sourcing practices and do not engage in animal testing.

We DONATE money and products to non-profit organizations that support the empowerment of women and girls through improved health, education, housing and jobs.

Bottom line. We create the Moxxie Essential Care collection as a clarion call – a reminder to believe in the Power of Unapologetic Self-Care.
You know what you like, and you want more of it. SIMPLE. EFFECTIVE. WHOLE BODY. SKINCARE.