Los Feliz

At Los Feliz Botanicals, we strip away the pretension and mystery of the perfume industry in exchange for the breezy, lightheartedness of idyllic California - where what we put on and into our bodies is not just an afterthought, but a connection to nature and the world around us. 

  • Perfume should be unique to you and your chemistry.

  • You should wear perfume, it should never wear you.
  • Applying perfume should be a tiny vacation from your day. 
  • Perfume should not be forced upon those around us in elevators or offices but enjoyed by those we caress, embrace, and allow into our personal space. #stopscentpollution
  • Fewer, better. We believe in investing in and holding precious items that are well crafted, and thoughtfully made. 
  • Our perfumes are never adulterated, and will never contain synthetics, preservatives, or fillers. This is not only a matter of transparency and wellness, but we believe natural materials have more depth and nuance than synthetics. 
  • Attainable luxury is important to us. We've kept our bottles simple to bring you beautiful fragrances crafted from rare and precious essences at a price that won't send you running back to the department store counter.