Compagnie de Provence

About us


This value comes from the birthplace of the brand, its Marseille origin, Provence and more widely in the Mediterranean, it tells the source and naturalness of its origins. It also speaks of a heritage and a local knowledge, its origin, the soap of Marseille. At Compagnie de Provence, we are proud to claim our origins.


This value tells us the energy and enthusiasm that brings the brand to renew itself, by building and reinventing the traditional codes of Provence and the Mediterranean. From past to present, we reinvent an inspired and inspiring lifestyle, always in the air. At Compagnie de Provence, the Mediterranean is our inexhaustible source of inspiration.


This value tells us the pleasure in all its forms, eyes pleasure, pleasure of all senses, the beauty of shapes, the sensoriality of formulas. The uniqueness of the brand is to remain inexorably in vogue when others are part of the past. This permanent modernity is its specificity on its market and it should remain on this territory of its own. The uniqueness of Compagnie de Provence is to be modern.


This value tells the attachment to the brand by those who make it and those who consume it, it speaks of friendliness, sincerity, evidence, and truth in the relationship. It also talks about taking life easy with positivism. At Compagnie de Provence, we approach life with simplicity.