Filigree is an independent perfume atelier in Seattle, creating harmonic perfumes of the finest natural materials in melodic themes. The name stems from a twice-borrowed reference to the song Filigree & Shadow by Fever Tree. All fragrances are developed and handcrafted in small batches using only botanic ingredients. Filigree divines their inspiration from nature, histories, memories, philosophies, and the arts. Their natural perfumes are designed to be provocative and invoke a memory of something unexpected to happen.

James Elliott is the Head & Nose of Filigree. He studied perfumery for over five years before releasing his inaugural collection in 2015. As a self-taught perfumer, James finds inspiration in the emotional effect of how fragrance can intertwine music and memory. He began his formal art education at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and completed his BFA at RMCAD in Denver. James has worked as a designer for nearly 20 years with a focus on elegant design simplicity across all experiences. He has a rare mix of sense and skills that allow him to make the most of his creative talents.