Bijou Candle

Bijou is the luxury candle habit you can afford to have.  No guilt, just amazing scented, affordable candles that you can use every day.  Because everyone deserves to treat themselves, always.

Bijou is the moon child of NYC based couple, Alaina & Jocelyn.  After moving in together and getting married, they discovered they shared a common problem - candle hoarding.  They'd spend their pretty pennies on expensive bougie parfumee delights only to never burn them.  Couldn't they be cheaper?  Shouldn't they be?  And that is where the idea for Bijou was born.

Bijou's mission is to constantly inspire and be inspired by women in their lives and throughout history.  That is why they name their candles after women, because they ruly believe "Women are magic."

Sorry this candle is only available for purchase in-store and is currently not available for purchase on-line.