Turkan Home Colorful Turkish Towel

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A Turkish towel perfect for everyday use! Hand-made on old shuttle looms finished with tied fringes. Can be used at home as your go-to shower towel or can be folded-up and thrown into your beach or camping bag. Remarkably light-weight and compact. (This towel has also matching hand towel. Please check Multi Color Towel). ♦Great use as beach towel and bath towel. ♦A beautiful addition to your beach bag or yoga class. ♦Absorbent and lightweight. ♦Compact + travel-friendly. ♦Sand resistant + quick drying.

100 % Cotton, pre-washed Size: 40x77 inches Machine wash on a gentle cycle in cold or warm water with like colors. Tumble dry low. Treat with care, avoiding high heat or harsh detergents/fab Wash before first use.
Made in Turkey

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