Rubb Body Bar Soap Refreshing Cucumber 6oz

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This soap is completely water free made with 100% cucumber juice.

A natural, nourishing, vegan soap with a cool, clean scent. This soap is a refreshing infusion of fresh cucumber, green sea clay and eucalyptus essential oil. One of the best benefits of cucumber soap is that it helps revitalize the skin, while green sea clay absorbs dirt, oil and toxins. 

Fresh Cucumber: A powerful superfood filled with vitamins, beta-carotene and polyhydroxy phenols. Combined, they strengthen the structural components of skin allowing it to retain its youthfulness. Cucumber is very hydrating, naturally cools and refreshes skin. 

Green Sea Clay: An algae rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. Loaded with essential fatty and amino acids, minerals, Vitamin B and lipids to help draw toxins from the skin and improves circulation. 

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Eucalyptus provides a cooling sensation and gives a relaxing minty aroma. 

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