Rubb Body Bar Soap Creamy Rice Milk Unscented 6oz

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Completely water free and made with 100% Aloe Vera. 

Infused with fresh rich milk made using the entire rice grain, this soap is one of the mildest of the bunch. Our homemade rice milk is turned into a cream for an extra moisturizing soap. Left unscented for those with extra irritable and sensitive skin. 

Rice Milk:  Rice milk helps in whitening skin complexion and acts as a natural sunscreen. Rice milk has high amounts of natural antioxidants and Vitamin E making it a great moisturizer.  

Aloe Vera: Used in place of water as the base for this soap. It makes a great natural cleanser, detoxifies body cells, helps alleviate skin irritation and inflammation. 

Unscented: This soap is free of essential oils and fragrance making it ideal for extra sensitive skin. It has a natural soap like smell. 

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