Josh Rosebrook Biome Body Cleanse 8.0oz

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Biome Body Cleanse is a replenishing, uplifting cleansing experience. 

With a unique bubbly mousse texture, this lush cleanser smooths across the skin as a decadent lather that rinses clean without stripping, to seal in moisture. Leaves you feeling soft, balanced, and energized from fresh, zesty citrus notes with centering herbaceous undertones. 

Bio-designed to support beneficial ecosystems across the body that make up the microbiome, Biome Body Cleanse boosts healthy flora with fermented rice water, potent prebiotics and postbiotics to help strengthen overall skin health. 

A hard-working ceramide complex fortifies skin barrier integrity and helps to reduce the appearance of any redness and irritation. 

This pH balanced cleanser is finished with a signature Josh Rosebrook herbal infusion that lends a mighty hand with antioxidants from impact-oriented phytonutrients.

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