Popvibe Black Turquoise & Hermatite Heishi Bracelet

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Stone: Black Turquoise, Hematite & CZ Diamond.

Style: Adjustable with black nylon cord. 

Size: 6mm.

Size Wrist Measurement 7.0 - 7.5

Turquoise crystals are known to effectively dispel negative energies & protect you against pollutants or negative influences. It’s a stone that will align & balance the chakras & promoting inner relaxation by acting as a spiritual balm to your heart & mind. Meanwhile, it will promote self-realization & help you achieve your goals while giving you awareness of your purpose. You will be empowered by the energies of wisdom & understanding that will encourage creative problem-solving.

Combining with the grounding energy of Hematite stone, this handcrafted stone bracelet will protect against negativity while giving you wisdom for self-realization & your true potentials.

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