G.soap GARDEN Moisturizing Bar Soap

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The gentle yet soaping bar will leave you clean without feeling like a lathering of sandpaper. The Eucalyptus Basil scent will not only give you a refreshing post-bath shower wind-down, but it also leaves eager anticipation for your next detoxifying experience.

Cambrian Blue Clay from Siberia mixed with select oils rich in fatty acids like olive oil and shea butter with a garden aroma from Basil oil. This clay soap bar encapsulates dirt and grime while retaining natural skin moisture that helps protect against environmental pollutants. No one likes dry skin!

The smell of basil, eucalyptus, and peppermint combined with the hint from rosemary essential oil.

Special feature: palm oil-free.

- all skin types, great for problem skin - Siberian Cambrian clay, light exfoliating - soft, gentle lather - Special butter: Mango, Kokum


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