Way of Will 32 Cool Fix Olfactic Inhaler

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Power your training with Will. Focus and perfect your breathing using this mind clearing olfactic inhaler, jolts you back into reality so your mind and body are refreshed during your training session.

The 32 Cool Fix scent has a fresh presence that is cooling like a clear snowscape.  This blend has notes of peppermint, lemon and lavender.

  • Peppermint Essential Oil is refreshing and stimulates the circulatory system while waking up your nervous system
  • Lemon Essential Oil calms nervous tension and stimulates the mind

Unlike traditional smelling salts, the 32 Cool Fix Mind Clearing Olfactic Inhaler does not irritate the muccous membranes found in your nose and lungs. Instead, Will mind clearing inhalers stimulates your nervous system through aromatherapy.  Essential oils are drawn from aromatic plants and complementary scents are blended to create a concentrated and natural stimulant for the specialized sensory cells in your nasal cavity.

Your sense of smell, also known as the olfactory system, can affect your brain and performance.  Studies have shown that certain scents, whether consciously detected or not, can affect your moods, emotions and even your decision-making abilities.  By using this mind clearing olfactic inhaler regularly, you can develop a ritual that allows you to concentrate fully during your workout.

Don't let his lightweight inhaler fool you, its scent carrries a powerful punch.

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