Marin Bee Detox Masque

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Calming skin repair

clay . pumpkin . oatmeal

Marin Bee's Detox Masque's unique exfoliating properties restore skin's balance by drawing out toxins and removing excess oil.  This Detox Masque is a gruly unique wonder blend of nature's ingredients.  Consisting of one third California Wildflower Honey, it's a favorite for purifying, reducing puffiness, while minimizing pores, soothing skin, restoring balance and evening out skin tone.

This Detox Masque is 98% derived from natural and organic ingredients including kaolin clay to dray out impurities, pumpkin enzymes to exfoliate dead skin cells and oatmeal to sooth and calm skin.  Marin Bee's California Wildflower Honey provides a natural barrier against environmental toxins and draws moisture from the air to hydrate your skin.

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