Grown Alchemist Cream Repair Masque (SALE30)

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A dual action product that as a daily moisturizer intensively hydrates facial skin.  Ideal for dry, aging skin conditions or as a hydrating treatment masque twice a week.  Also ideal for travel, cold climates, recovery from skin trauma or after medical derma-logical.

Olive extract polyphenols visibly tone and firm facial skin leaving skin looking smooth and radiant.  Babassu rich in tocopherols noticeably increase skin hydration and elasticity visibly reducing lines and wrinkles.  Hyaluronic acid from wheat stimulates the skin's ability to retain moisture, providing maximum below the skin hydration.  Geranium oil provides favanoids which help normalize the skin's appearance by replacing natural sebum levels, while improving the appearance of skin pores.  Camelia oil contains phytoseterol free radical scavengers which visibly improve hydration and skin condition, while protecting facial skin against UV induced damage and premature aging.


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