Further Dish Soap 16oz

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We spend so much time washing dishes – why not make the time at the sink more enjoyable?

We got tired of harsh citrus scents and day-glo products (and packaging) next to our sink so we created Further Dish Soap to complement not only our glycerin soap and glycerin lotion, but also the aesthetics of our kitchen!

Our natural soap for dish washing is derived from making biofuel. Marshall picks up used vegetable oil from some of the nation’s finest restuarants and then processes it in our warehouse. The biofuel goes into our cars and the glycerin goes into our glycerin soap. Then we take our soap back to the restaurants that provided the oil and voila - a perfect, sustainable circle.

  • Further glycerin soap is biodegradable.
  • Our signature fragrance is made from the oils of bergamot, olive and grass.
  • Further natural soap is made from the glycerin derived from the distillation of biofuel.
  • Further glycerin soap is never tested on animals.

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