Filigree Parfums Surfer Rosa

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Tuberose, geranium, rosewood, sandalwood, cistus, nagarmotha, guaiacwood, rose, oud.

Before Doolittle there was Surfer Rosa, an album of heat and brightness.  The album was played on repeat and became a beacon of light through good times and bad.  This fragrance was created to match the intensity of the album.  The rose is a woody floral and easily finds its complement with wood notes.  Rose combines with geranium, rosewood, tuberose and cistus (rock rose) to form an attar of roses that can only be described as gigantic.  Smoky woods are married to this attar to produce an oriental fragrance of unique depth and character.

Inspired by Pixies.

Harmonic perfues of the finest materials in melodic themes.  All natural and certified vegan.

10 ml

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