Daneson Bourbon No.22

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Bourbon Nº 22’s are steeped with six-year-old barrel aged Kentucky straight bourbon. Punchier than our Single Malt Nº 16’s, these Bourbon toothpicks are best appreciated by aficionados with a southern state of mind who understand the subtle nuances in fine Kentucky whiskey. Notwithstanding heat and spice you would expect from bourbon, look for notes of smokey oak, vanilla, tobacco, and fruit. Like all our toothpicks Bourbon Nº 22’s are subtle at first and build complexity when warmed in the mouth. Made with Kentucky straight bourbon.

All natural ingredients.

Bourbon Nº22 is a SELECT batch premium blend and as a result it has a higher price. This is because they are made with very good, very expensive Kentucky Straight Bourbon and like our Single Malt's they are a pain in the arse to make. The resulting toothpicks are for those who enjoy ffiner things in life.

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